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Warden’s Home for Sale- Comes Complete with Functioning Jail Cells

Ok this is probably the coolest house I’ve ever seen in my life. The only problem for me is it’s in Missouri, and I’m a California gal through and through. That said if anyone ever wanted to turn this thing into a bed and breakfast I would be totally down to spend the night here. It’s one of those things that just makes you want to visit. And it helps that its also a historical landmark.

Now in Missouri a warden’s house is up for sale, with a jail cell area and everything.

The home is located at 203 E Morrison, Fayette, MO 65248 and boy is it a beauty.

It starts out in the listing showing you the beautiful space, and it is quite pretty. Gorgeous bathrooms, spacious bedrooms. A beautiful kitchen, and then a door to the jail. Going in there must be like an alternate reality, because it instantly goes from a loving and warm home area, to something you would see in Alcatraz.

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But can you imagine the sleepover potential? I mean wow, lock the kids down there for a teenage birthday party and call it a night. Give them some gruel(pizza) and maybe a radio and have them all shake in their PJs. Not only that but tell them about the creepy sounds that may happen and a few ghost stories you make up about the people who died there and they’re sure to have an experience they never forget. Of course you know, maybe that’s just my perfect sleepover. Add in a seance and oh boy!

Right now you can check out the listing on the MLS site which can be accessed here. And since it’s in Missouri the cost isn’t too bad. Only about 350,000k and you’d have a really cool pad and you could list it on AirBnB, or host some historical walkthroughs.

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