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Giant Jabba the Hutt Inflatable That’s Perfect for Halloween

Not everyone decorates for Halloween. And not everyone loves “Star Wars,” it’s just a fact. But for those who do and love to cosplay as “Star Wars” characters- this Jabba the Hutt inflatable could be just the Halloween decoration you’re looking for.


This Jabba the Hutt inflatable is massive in size standing at 6′ tall and 8′ wide. It lights up from the inside and comes with everything you need to secure it. Now all you have to do is dig your own Sarlacc pit to go with it.

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And if you like this but want to actually BE Jabba for Halloween then they also have a really cool inflatable costume you can wear. Plus inflatable costumes may be the way to go anyway if you want to go out and trick or treat like an adult. Because hey, they cover your face and everything. The only thing is you may want to leave the candy sit for a few weeks to make sure that it doesn’t have any germs on them. You know, ’cause COVID will probably still be a thing.


You can check out the link to the costume by clicking the link here.

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