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Watch as Cute Penguins Chase Bubbles from a Machine

Need a daily dose of cute? Well thanks to Staff at Newquay Zoo in Cornwall, England we get to see some cute penguins chase bubbles! They recently had a bubble machine given to them and now they can play with the penguins during lock down like never before!

Thanks to Little Surprises who gifted them the bubble machine the penguins have been having a blast.

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This isn’t the first attempt to keep the penguins entertained either. Other zoos have had their penguins roam the area like when they visited the art history museum. Or when some got to meander around the aquarium.

Penguins are naturally curious and it’s neat to see them exploring habitats that are not originally their own. Another cool fact is that they mate for life which means they are forever attached to one other penguin. How sweet is that!

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