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“Cosmos: Possible Worlds” Brings Hope to the Future

There are few things in the world right now that could bring hope to this darkest of timelines. One of the bright points of SDCC At Home panel offerings this morning, “Cosmos: Possible Worlds,” did exactly this.

We’re not really surprised, honestly, that a show built on the ideas and dreams of Carl Sagan would continue to inspire and bring hope. Especially with Ann Druyan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Seth McFarland helming the journey.

“Skepticism is a survival mechanism,” Brannon Braga says. “This is deeply personal, and a learning experience. It’s altered my view of reality.”

“Hope is when plan A doesn’t work, hope is when plan B happens,” executive producer Jason Clark says.

“I’ve been doing this since I was 27 years old. And when I thought about season 3, I heard Carl Sagan’s voice, him wondering who he would become in the future. we’ll be us, time will have changed us, he said. Everyone knows we have to change. One of the thrilling parts of this moment in history is you can see the change happening. Not just in the mind of a single leader, but in the minds and hearts of the people. The dream of this series for me is to find the stories that illuminate, the brightest and bravest in our darkest times. Possible worlds are the things we’re justing starting to learn and explore, the hidden worlds discovered by science. We have to work together to make that future,” Ann Druyan says.

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You can watch the entire panel on Youtube here.

We cannot wait for season 3 of “Cosmos” to hit FOX later this year.

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