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“Hellraiser” Lament Configuration Replica is Perfect For Horror Fans

So having watched “Hellraiser” at too young of an age, I’d have to say that I’ve blocked a lot of it out. My husband on the other hand clearly remembers the trauma. He was a bit freaked out when he walked down to see our five year old daughter playing with these puzzle cubes. I received them as a review item so that I could take a look at the quality and I have to say if you’re a horror prop or replica collector, you are going to want to show these off.

These cubes come in two different variations. There is a light weight version which is good for displaying and a more heavyweight version that is good for a prop. Next time you cosplay Pinhead you are going to want to have one of these in hand.

Not only are these great for showing off next to your horror DVDs and Blu-rays but they also can be used to give gifts. They each come with a compartment inside, not quite big enough for chains to come shooting out(aww) but big enough for an engagement ring or maybe a chain necklace? In fact according to Fidget Universe who makes these on Etsy someone proposed with one! How cool is that! Especially if you bonded over your love of horror films.

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Each side of the cube has a compartment that is about an inch deep so if you wanted you could also store something small inside. They come with an optional stand that you can use for display purposes or you can just make them little houses like my daughter did…

Yeah THAT’S not creepy…

If you want to check them out on Etsy you can see them by clicking the link here. I have to say this is the best quality replica that I’ve ever handled and it’s worth it to get the heavier weight version. If only because it feels scarier? Well I guess what I imagine the real thing would feel like if you were handling it.

Check out the heavy one by clicking the link here. And there is another even heavier version of the one I got that you can check out by clicking the link here. If you’re wondering the weight difference, the heaviest is 12-13 ounces. The difference is that the heaviest has 100% infill plastic where as the other heavy version only has 70%. So it’s slightly lighter. Still very hefty though and an amazing product.

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