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Star Trek Fan Turns Ordinary Metal Plyons into Holodeck Controls in L.A. Park

Los Angeles is home to many pieces of amazing art. You usually see all kinds of beautiful murals starting when you’re driving on the freeway. The parks are usually littered with sculptures and beautiful scenery to look at. But never have I ever seen something this fun while walking there. One “Star Wars” fan decided that they would make the park a bit better by turning ordinary metal plyons into Holodeck controls and honestly, it makes us so happy!

Set designer Arthur Chadwick printed out some vinyl stickers and applied them to the pylons. They are the designs from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and make it feel like you may have just been living in a Holodeck simulation the whole time. It would be a great area for Star Trek Larping if you wanted to get together with some friends too(when it’s safe to do so of course).

People are already putting this on their must see list and taking pictures of them. Check out these images that Sonia from Nerdy Novelty Design took while out walking.

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Sonia, Nerdy Novelty Designs
Sonia, Nerdy Novelty Designs

These would also be fun for a geocaching location while we are all supposed to be social distancing. You can check out where they are exactly on the map here.

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