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Check Out This New Game and Creative Writing Tool ‘Seeds of Imagination’

Whether you write for fun or write for a living we all have one thing in common. We all go through those times when we’re just not inspired. Maybe we haven’t felt creative in a while and the writing lull never seems to end. But now with this new writing tool you can break it out anytime and it can help prompt you to start up your writing again. The game is called Seeds of Imagination, and it’s in the kickstarter phase right now.

Typically to get back into writing I rely on journal prompts, the problem with those is that they are usually always focused on the individual. For example: “What is your favorite memory?” Things like that. And while that’s all good and fun the first few times, it tends to get repetitive. And it does nothing to scratch that creative writing itch.

Kickstarter Description:

Seeds of Imagination: Infinite Options Storytelling Prompts is an idea-generating, discussion-instigating, imagination-fueling game chock-full of writing prompts and scenarios.

  • Are you a writer or artist looking for inspiration? Draw one card or several and start brainstorming!
  • Are you looking to infuse your RPG with new ideas? Gift a deck to your GM!
  • Are you an instructor or homeschool parent looking for entertaining ways to educate your students? Play one of the games included with the decks. Adjusting the difficulty based on the players is super easy!

Take for example the Category Game. This game is all about listing ten things in your chosen category before anybody else. Pull one card from any deck. Everyone writes down ten things related to that card. To make the game more challenging, all ten items on your list need to be in the same category as the deck you drew from. Say you choose “Accident” from the Situation deck. You will list 10 situations related to the Accident prompt: a car accident, spilled milk, a child wetting their pants, slipping and falling, etc.

Seeds of Imagination Kickstarter

The best part about this deck is that you not only have an amazing writing tool for yourself, but can also play it with friends. It’s a much classier game to break out than Cards Against Humanity and one that will make you think and have much more fun. Plus you get to see how creative your friends are!

Keep Going!
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What can you do?

There are lots of games you can play with your friends. And you can make some up on your own too!

  • Fact or Fiction  – Try to fool your friends. How convincing can you be?
  • Private Detective  – Guess who you are!
  • ABC Game  – A word association game based on the alphabet
  • Round Robin Story  – A crazy storytelling game
  • Writing Sprints  – How many words can you get in 10 minutes?
  • 20 Questions  – Traditional 20 Questions but with ready-made ideas
  • The Category Game  – List 10 things in the category before your friends do

…and if you want to play on your own there are three Solitaire Games:

  • Inspired Sprints  – Race against the clock
  • Story Generator  – How many story ideas can you get?
  • Plot Twist – Switch up your work-in-progress

It’s also important to note that these cards can be used for much more than just writing. But also an acting tool used for impromptu sketches and skits.

Since this is in the Kickstarter phase you can donate to it now and reserve your set for when it gets funded. A tool like this doesn’t come around everyday. In the Kickstarter projections tool I use it says that if the project continues on its current route it’s sure to be funded by the date of August 27th, and I’m excited to have my very own deck!

Check out the Kickstarter by clicking the link here!

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