This Smithsonian Dinosaur Puzzle Provides a Great Learning Tool

One thing that is hard to do as a parent is find creative ways to educate our children. Sure you could go the old book and work page route but it takes about .02 seconds for their eyes to glaze over. Something that I’ve discovered works wonders is to have a craft in hand, or in this case a puzzle. And what better subject to learn about than one you are both interested in. Dinosaurs!


This puzzle is not only great for framing but also has all kinds of dinosaur facts that you can read as you complete each portion. It also helps that Smithsonian is the creator behind this design so you know that you are getting top quality entertainment and facts.

I personally love framing puzzles and using them as wall art. Mostly because it’s not only a pretty picture but also a nice memory of spending time together. Plus this would be fun to do during the second lock down from COVID-19…

If you want to get one you can by clicking the link here.

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