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Cast of TNG Celebrates Sir Patrick Stewart’s 80th Birthday in Masks

This year getting together has been a challenge. With COVID-19 running rampant it’s hard to discern what’s responsible and what’s not. However if you are all social distancing and wearing a mask odds are things will be fine. And the cast of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” felt that the time was right to get together for Sir Patrick Stewart‘s 80th birthday.

Rick Berman posted the image on Twitter of the cast celebrating Stewart’s birthday. From left to right we see Worf actor Michael Dorn, Deanna Troi actress Marina Sirtis, Stewart himself, Beverly Crusher actress Gates McFadden, Data actor Brent Spiner and Geordi La Forge actor LeVar Burton.

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Patrick Stewart recently came back into the Star Trek universe with his show “Picard” which showcased many of the familiar faces from “Next Generation”. Before signing back on to play Picard one more time he would have said that he was vehemently against it. That is until he was pitched the premise for the new show. Timing is everything and now we have a great opportunity to watch our favorite Star Trek Captain take the screen again. Here’s to hoping we get more seasons once COVID clears up.

Happy Birthday Sir Patrick Stewart, we hope you have many many more.

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