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Transformers, “Top Gun: Maverick” Pair up for New Figure [He’s got a Volleyball!]

Just when you thought the best pairings of films and toys were behind us, [not you, “Battleship,” we’re still holding out for “JENGA,” a film more wooden than the actors in it] Hasbro announces this little gem. Meet new Autobot Maverick!

You can see the full gallery of the new Transformer over on IGN’s website here.

Maverick is based on a classic F-14 Tomcat, and even comes with a damn volleyball. Seriously, we can’t make this up!

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If you think it’s odd to have Transformers and “Top Gun” do a joint release, let us remind you that Goose’s son was playing with Starscream in the original film, and that Miles Teller is playing the grown-up version of him in the new Paramount Pictures release film.

Starting at 10am PST July 13th 2020, preorders for Maverick on the Hasbro Pulse website go live.

Top Gun Maverick” is currently slated to hit theaters on December 23rd, 2020.

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