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These Ceramic Bat Planters are Perfect for a Spooky-Cute Home

Growing up I always loved the aesthetic of spooky things. From wanting a black room to fantasizing about Marilyn Manson people would always think it was a phase. But now that I’m older and can buy things for my own home I’m able to incorporate what I like with useful household things. Added bonus is no one can tell me no. And one of those things that I’m investing in is some really cute ceramic bat planters.


Made by TramaiCeramics on Etsy these little guys come in three different sizes. They are perfect for a patio “pet” and great for all year round. Just check out the craftsmanship on these guys! You can check out the listing for them here.

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Not only do they sell these adorable little bats they also have a bunch of other really cute animal designs that are really useful. They have a turtle that is a paint holder along with other animals that double as paint water cups. You can browse their entire collection by clicking here.

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