Fan Cut of “Shazam!” Coming, but Without the Jokes?

There are some people that still stand behind “Batman Vs. Superman” as one of the best DC movies out there. And those fans have decided to make a fan cut of “Shazam!” to make it more like their favorite movie ever. Taking out all the jokes and adding in more seriousness. Which is great for them, but fans of the movie as is are a little skeptical that they could improve on such a great film.

According to the tweet we’re going to see the film completely changed from the theatrical version including:

  • Different Music/brand new score
  • a fresh new color pallete
  • removed humor, quippy one liners
  • darker tone
  • post credit scene which links to suicide squad
  • added scenes which weren’t present in the theatrical cut
  • a true man of steel cameo
  • additional VFX

It basically sounds like this huge project just to try to make it more like “Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice.” Darker in tone and way more serious. But that’s not really why we liked Shazam! in the first place is it? Many fans loved it because it was much lighter than the other DC movies which were coming out. People were calling it the start of a new era of DC and DC was better off for it. “Wonder Woman,” “Aquaman,” and “Shazam!” were the three that set a new format in place and uplifted DC from what many were calling the dark ages.

So is this fan cut something we really want to see? I mean, maybe because i’m morbidly curious I may give it a watch but you bet i’m going to have my editorial glasses on.

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