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Big Bucket o Margarita Mix Comes with a Nozzle

Even though summer parties may end up being just a party for two, doesn’t mean we can’t still stock up on the Booze right? Amazon is now selling a big bucket of margarita mix that will keep you hydrated but also feeling pretty great. The only thing you need to add is tequila!

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What’s even better is that it has a spout for easy pouring. So even the drunkest people should be able to maneuver it. This is fairly easy to use as well. All you have to do is take the bag out, clean the inside of the bucket and pour it back in along with 40oz of your favorite tequila. You can either add ice for an outdoor party or you can pop it in the fridge. Some people even put it in the freezer and then when it freezes some you can take a hand held blender and make yourself a nice slush. Just be careful not to blend near the spout because you might get plastic mixed in with your drink.

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Check out the listing on Amazon for the pricing. They also have a Strawberry Daquiri version that they sell but unfortunately at the time of this writing it is not available.

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