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About That Spirit Halloween Letter Going Around…

IT’S ALMOST SPOOKY SEASON, first and foremost. Sure, it’s the end of June, but this is when we really start planning our Halloween time for the year. This can sometimes include making a list of where we think the annual Spirit Halloween stores might pop up in abandoned shopping centers and tented-parking lots across the nation.

This brings us to the fairly disturbing viral graphic that’s making the rounds on social media right now- a letter, seemingly from Spirit, saying that due to Covid-19, they will likely NOT be opening for the 2020 Spooky season.

The BIGGEST issue with the above image is that no one seems to be able to say, point, link to where they got it. This isn’t an official image, and when asked, Spirit Halloween said they are still planning on opening in 2020.

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So, wear your damn masks, practice social distancing, and PLEASE DON’T TAKE HALLOWEEN FROM US YOU JERKS *cough* Orange County *cough*.

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