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Tentacle Kitties are Here, and You’re Going to Want them All!

Tentacle Kitties are probably the cutest things I’ve come across in a long time. They are cats from another dimension who love to eat cotton candy mice. And some of the plush toys even smell like cotton candy, which I know thanks to my daughter. She loves to share her toys with me and when these arrived she immediately took them from me.

The Pink One

This is the first one we got, we call it the momma cat. Since you can pose her to hold the smaller ones called “Little Ones”.

Little Ones

The little ones are 4″ tall and very cute. They come in a variety of styles and each tentacle kitty has its own lore.

Keep Going!
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Tentacle Kitties were created by John and Raena Merritt who are a husband and wife duo that put together both their skills. John draws while they both find ways to mash up Raena’s story telling skills. What came out of it are really cute toys that kids and adults love and more recently a webcomic you can read on Taptastic.

While I started out getting this product for review, I wasn’t really sure what I would think of them. I keep calling them octokitties but that’s not right. Octo is from octopus which they resemble yes, but they are creatures from outerspace. I think I also get stuck on the fact that Bubbles from “Powerpuff Girls” had her beloved Octi.

my art and randomness book 2!!! - power puff girls quotes - Wattpad

These plush are not only cute but I also can’t get enough how they smell! So good! And you don’t even have to worry about the smell fading because it’s literally inside of them.

You can check out the whole lot of them over at Toynk here.

Our Momma Cat and Little One

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