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‘Grown Up’ Piñatas Are Filled With Mini Booze Bottles

Becoming an adult comes with a plethora of awesome perks. For one, you can legally purchase alcohol once you hit 21. You can buy your own home and proceed to never wear pants while within it. Best of all, you can eat whatever you want and throw those disgusting brussels sprouts away once and for all.

It’s not all great though. Growing up means letting go of some really fun activities. McDonald’s play places become a big no-no unless you want strange looks and the cops called on you. Nobody finds it cute anymore when you get super excited about an action figure in Toy R’ Us. Worst of all, fun kid activities such as Easter egg hunts and hitting piñatas are no longer meant for you. Or at least they weren’t until now.

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What if I told you there were piñatas especially created for adults? On the outside, they are the same colorful papery critters you loved to smack with a stick when you were a kid. On the inside though, lies a treasure trove of goodies fit for any adult. Instead of over-sugary candy, mini bottles of liquor cascade from the piñata once it is broken. The best part? You can customize your piñata so that only bottles of liquor you like fall out of it. This means you can save yourself the disappointment of cheap peppermint schnapps and creme de banana that will sit in your kitchen for the next six years. It’s a gift that can bring you and the friends in your life a good time and some great booze.

Worried that your adult strength may end the fun in a couple hits? Luckily, many of these booze-filled pinatas are designed to endure hits from adults of both the inebriated and non-inebriated variety. It’s a great opportunity to relive one of the joys of childhood but still get a fitting adult reward. You can find these pinatas from a variety of places across the internet. In particular, the website nipyata specializes in making the perfect booze-filled pinata for you.

So gather your friends, grab a sturdy stick and get ready to smack some bottles of booze onto your front lawn.

Sorry kids, no children allowed at this party.

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