Thank You For Being A Friend With These Adorable “Golden Girls” Masks

Sure staying inside is the new thing right now. And the fact you get to leave the house if you are running a few errands or depositing that check (hey man some of us still gotta do that). People are coming up with some pretty clever masks I tell ya, I myself have a few in my arsenal. And you know what? I am always on the lookout to add one more to my ever so growing collection. What’s even better is I found some “Golden Girls” ones in the depths of the internet and they are just so cute!

Beautiful Peace Shop as several different varieties available with filters!

Wallpapart has created one on Etsy with the whole squad!

Electricbelledesigns on Etsy reminds us to always Stay Golden

And how cool are these ones that they tie! No need to use the elastic behind your ears. Thanks SewingLucidity!

Any one of these will be the perfect item for the fan of “Golden Girls.” Remember my friends to always Bea Safe! Ha, get it? No? That’s okay.

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