Check Out These Amazing Succulents That Look Like Crystals

Plants and succulents are bizarre and fascinating things. They don’t move (with rare exceptions) or speak, but they bring something special to a home that can’t be replicated. Even a tiny plant has a way of brightening and livening up an otherwise dull room. Not all of us are good at keeping our plant companions alive though. My poor gardening skills have killed more plants than I care to recall. But what if there was a plant out there that was easy to care for and absolutely gorgeous to see?

Image Credits to GreenAcresPlants on Etsy

It’s called Haworthia Cooperi. Haworthia is a species of succulent that distinguishes itself from others with its round, translucent leaves.There are many varieties and colors of the plant, but all of them share their translucent appearance. Many people compare this plant’s strange leaves to that of crystals. Honestly, to me the leaves look like alien bath bombs or weird Christmas bulbs. Regardless, these beautiful and bizarre succulents certainly stand out in a room.

On average, Haworthia can grow up to two inches tall. They don’t grow straight up though. Instead, the leaves grow up and out in a rosette pattern. This makes them perfect candidates for a nice planter in any home. Best of all? These little fellows are actually very resilient and require minimal watering. If you accidentally overwater them, leave them in a well lit space and let the sunlight take care of them. As long as the damage isn’t too extensive, these succulents have a chance to revive on their own.

Wondering where to buy these bulbous plants? I found a plethora of options on Amazon (links below), and Etsy, which you can check out here.

Of course, you can also ask your local greenhouses if they carry seeds.

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