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“Mythbusters” Reminds Us Just How a Virus can Spread Plus an Adam ‘Savage’ Burn

Mainstay Discovery Channel series of science (aka blowing things up) “Mythbusters” wasn’t all explosive mayhem and crazy experiments. It also was a fount of useful information for budding scientists across multiple generations. We say this having watched pretty much every single episode, so, your milage may vary.

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The current global viral pandemic has a lot of folks on edge for various reasons, understandably. Some are taking out their frustrations on social media platforms, such as this dude who decided that coming at former “Mythbusters” star and current head of Tested Adam Savage resulted in a….Savage Burn.

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It actually went on for awhile, as you can read in BoredPanda‘s pretty good writeup about the entire exchange.

This brings us to the episode of “Mythbusters” that Dougs Sandwiches forgot, which pretty much sums up exactly why we ALL should be wearing masks for the foreseeable future.

In which case, we’ll use this one:

Yeah. So.

Maybe don’t pick fights on the internet? Just a thought.

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