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These Stormtrooper Bookends Are Armed and Fully Operational

Have you ever wondered what kind of books Stormtrooper have in their bunks? I would imagine quite a few self help books. “How to Serve the Empire”, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Stuff like that. Or maybe you’re not a Stormtrooper. Maybe you’re just an avid Star Wars book reader. Star Wars novels have been coming out since the late 70’s and many of us have a huge collection built up. But where to show them off? Well put up a shelf and check out these cool bookends we found on Amazon!

Artify – Square

Notice how they have confidence building books in there. See! Totally on the same page with the self help book idea. You can find these on Amazon and they are a pretty good price. Especially when you think of how well they would look as a display piece.

Keep Going!
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  • Black Decorative bookend/book stopper for home/office dÃcor/shelves
  • Dimensions: 5.90 X 3.9 X 3.14 Inches (Per Piece)
  • Non Skid Heavy Metal Bookend
  • Sturdy Metal Bookends
  • Home Office Decor Bookend

They also have other Star Wars Bookends if you are interested in looking around. There are some with Yoda holding up your books with “The Force”. And some with Rebel/Empire symbols on each end. So you have room to play around with your book collection. Or if you have the same problem I do, you have more books than these bookends can hold. So you’re going to need a few other ones as well.

What kind of books do you like to read? Do you have any recommendations? Tell us in the comments!

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