Samsung Boxes Now Double as Cat Houses

Many products come in large cardboard boxes that can sometimes be difficult to recycle or store.  This obviously leads to a lot of waste.  But Samsung has decided to incorporate creativity and practicality into their product boxes to help eliminate waste as well as provide innovative supplies.

So if you need a book rack, or perhaps even a cat condo, you might be able to build one with your next Samsung TV purchase.

Samsung’s packaging for its latest line of TVs comes with perforations and cutting lines to help with making recycling easier, or lines for projects and a code to scan to look up what you can build with the cardboard.  And of course, you are not limited to using their guides; those who have a creative bug might even come up with their own designs for certain simple furniture or otherwise.  The cardboard packaging itself looks super sturdy, and some of the designs even allow you to make small entertainment center pieces.

Samsung has also gone into hosting a contest with British lifestyle magazine “Dezeen” to see which customer can come up with the coolest unique design out of their boxes.  The winner of said contest, ending on May 29th, 2020, will win $20,000 as well as getting their design put into the manual with the other existing designs.

The boxes come with the higher end TVs known as The Serif, The Frame, and The Sero, each of which is a different size for different possibilities.  The cardboard is also eco-friendly, but they still encourage upcycling it instead.  The Samsung logo is very apparent on each design once finished, but you have the option of covering it with any decoration or paint if need be.

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