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Sour Patch Kids – Chips Ahoy! Cookies Coming in May

If you’ve ever stumbled across the hard decision of choosing between a sweet and sour snack, you might be delighted (or disgusted) to hear that Chips Ahoy! is teaming up with Sour Patch Kids for a new bizarre cookie combination.

The new limited-edition cookies are exactly what its name suggests: the classic Chips Ahoy cookie with pieces of Sour Patch Kids candies mixed in. The flavor is described as a “bold experience that will leave you (and your taste buds) talking!”.

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It looks like there are mixed reactions about this interesting combination. Many Instagram users imply that they prefer their sour and sweet snack separate, while others seem very much pumped up.

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The cookies will officially be available nationwide in May for $3 a box, although some lucky people have already spotted them in local stores.

If you enjoy things like the Sour Patch Ice Cream they have at Baskin Robbins from time to time, you will probably enjoy these too. They should be available to buy from stores like Target, Walmart or your local grocer starting in May.

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