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Sony is Giving Away Two Major PS4 Games to Promote “Play at Home” Initiative

Sony is going ahead and giving away two of its most popular games as part of their “Play at Home” initiative. During this uncertain time when everyone is supposed to be social distancing coming up with things to do can be a chore. A lot of us are sitting at home bored out of our minds looking for the next Netflix show to binge. Unless we’re working from home we’re just running out of things to do. But Sony has us covered because they are giving playstation users Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and the critically-acclaimed Journey.

If you are a member of the Playstation community you can expect these to drop for free beginning April 15 at 8pm PDT until May 5 at 8pm PDT. That means that once you download them you get to keep them forever. As long as you don’t delete them for space.

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And we should be counting our blessing if we get these games because people in Germany and China are getting Knack 2 and Journey. Knack 2 which is kind of a kids game. Though for me personally, that sounds kind of fun.

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