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Rainbow Milk Gelatin Cake Is So Simple To Make!

While stuck in quarantine I love the jokes that go around saying we’re either going to come up alcoholics or cooks. Well I’m already a pretty good cook, but I don’t mind trying to step up my game. And since I am an essential worker, I still need to show up so drinking is pretty much out of the question. So I’m always on the hunt to try and find new recipes to make. I take a look at what Seokyoung Longest, Maangchi, or Marion Grasby has anything new posted to their Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. 

My friend just recently shared a recipe for a rainbow milk gelatin cake.

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After looking I found the recipe, enjoy!

Don’t let the complex, multi-colored pattern scare you off, though, because it’s actually very simple to make, with only a handful of required ingredients:

Kanten (a.k.a. agar powder, available at any Asian market)


Granulated sugar

● Milk

● Shaved ice syrup (or fruit juice)

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Step 1: In a pot, combine 4 grams (0.14 ounces) of agar powder, 150 milliliters (5.07 ounces) of water, and 60 grams (2.12 ounces) of granulated sugar. Heat the pot on the stove until the contents come to a boil, then turn off the heat.

Step 2: Stir 300 milliliters (10.14 ounces) of milk into the mixture. Place the mixture in the refrigerator to chill/harden into gelatin.

Step 3: In a separate pot, Repeat Step 1.

Step 4: Stir an additional 300 milliliters (10.14 ounces) of water into the second pot, plus 20 milliliters (0.68 ounces) of shaved ice syrup, the more brightly colored the better. Once again, put the mixture in the fridge to cool and solidify.

Step 5 (optional): Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for any additional colors you want to use.

Step 6: Once everything is nicely chilled (which should take about 30 minutes or so), take the mixtures out of the fridge. Cut the colorful syrup gelatin into small cubes and arrange them on top of the white milk gelatin, which will serve as the base.

That’s all! pretty simple right? I think I will make an Easter colored one for my husband and I for this weekend. Cheers!

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