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There’s an AI App that Turns Your Selfies into Hilarious Renaissance Paintings

With a lot of free time on hand, people are craving for anything virtual that makes them less bored. Even with that being something random like finding out how they would look like under Leonardo da Vinci’s eyes. Well, there’s an app that has been circulating social media recently which turns portraits into a Renaissance work of art, and people seem to be enjoying it.

A Japanese AI artist, named Sato, aka AI Gahaku developed an app using artificial intelligence to generate old paintings that are supposed to be a “renaissance” version of your photo. It proved to be very popular among social media. But based on what people are sharing, it seems to be a hit or miss. You can see some of the hilarious examples below.

Artify – Square

Unfortunately, there’s a slight problem: AI Gahaku appears to be showing racial bias by lightening the skin tones in some cases. It’s speculated that it’s because of the raw training data, as most Renaissance paintings are of white people.

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