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T-Shirts for the Times: Shirts That Say We Will Get Through COVID-19 OK

Times are tough. A lot of us are worried — about our health, our families, our finances. Watching the news can heighten our fear and anxiety in these uncertain times. To try and combat some of that anxiety we look toward the future. A future where this pandemic is behind us and we can gather together again — and maybe look back at what we went through and share some stories that weren’t so funny at the time but that we hope someday soon we can look back on with humor. They say laughter is the best medicine. That may not be the case for COVID-19, but a little humor might help us keep our spirits up when things seem overwhelming. So since most of us are at home enjoying casual Friday every day, here are some comfy T-shirts that maybe make things seem a bit less dire.

First and foremost, the shirts that celebrate the day when the tide has turned and the quarantine and the pandemic are over. There may still be a lot to deal with in the aftermath, but hopefully, we can all say we made it through.

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Of course, there are a lot of things we are told to do to combat the virus. This is the time when those of us who are introverts really come into our own. Heck, some people’s lives might not look all that different.

But, whether you are a loner by inclination or not, we have all been told to practice “social distancing”. What’s that you ask?

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Basically, stay away from people!

Of course, Big Foot has taken this social distancing thing to a whole other level. He may be the world’s most famous introvert (shirts/sweatshirts available here)

A major part of the social distancing directive is to stay away from others by STAYING HOME. Which, under other circumstances, might not seem like such a bad thing.

Of course, staying home isn’t so fun and relaxing when it is part of a quarantine. Fortunately, social media lets us keep in touch with our friends and family — but we still miss them.

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Still, people will try to connect any way they can. Which has led to some new pick-up lines (some no doubt more successful than others)

However, the social distancing and the staying at home means some things are being canceled. Schools are closed, and those of us with a birthday in the stay-at-home period aren’t going to get to do much celebrating. The upcoming holidays are also going to be very low-key until this is over.

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But with the schools closed, that means some people have to take on a new job. Teacher appreciation is probably at an all-time high.

Of course, not everyone is staying at home. The essentials still have to do their jobs. Medical and healthcare workers are on the front lines fighting the virus. Other first responders are out there too. Plus the truckers are bringing our supplies, and the workers at the stores and pharmacies are trying to see that we get them. Even the delivery people are helping by ensuring our most vulnerable don’t have to go out and risk exposure.

Staying at home and social distancing aren’t the only things we have been told to do to help prevent the spread of the virus. One basic habit we should have been practicing already is washing our hands (all those reminder signs we see in public restrooms should have had us doing that already)

We also should avoid touching our eyes, nose, and face to avoid contracting the illness, and use sanitizer when washing isn’t an option

And one of the big reasons for the social distancing is to prevent the spread of germs through coughing

However, it may turn out that the biggest danger to our health might be that forced confinement at home….with food

The one thing we don’t have in abundance at home? Toilet paper. Which is one thing you don’t want to be without. No doubt the mad scramble to stock up leaving the shelves bare will be something we will be mentioning when we talk about this years from now (when some of the hoarders are still trying to finish off their supplies)

So hang in there! We are all in this together (and here’s a last T-shirt with Baby Yoda-Potter)

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