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New Footage of An Empty Las Vegas is Just as Eerie as You’d Think

It was one thing when I saw the video about how empty Disneyland was. That was a little weird but when it comes down to it it’s just a theme park. But this footage of the Las Vegas Strip where people once stood, walked around, did business and enjoyed themselves. That’s where it all gets too real. Considering how big of a metropolis Vegas is it really puts into perspective exactly what’s going on.

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Digisphere Productions has backed the footage to some very creepy music that really sets the tone. It’s almost like something out of a scary movie. All we can hope is that someday in the future this all turns into a big moment in history and we recover from coronavirus.

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Coronavirus has shut down many companies, social gatherings have been cancelled, conventions have been postponed. Anything deemed non essential has been put on hold. Now we have some footage of how this is effecting the world at large. Videos like this are sure to be major inspiration for post apocalyptic films in the future, especially if they can capture the mood. So while this video is cool it’s also pretty scary. Because what if things never go back to normal? No, we can’t think like that. For the sake of normalcy, we have to think that this is going to end. Maybe not as soon as we’d hoped but someday.

Stay home and stay safe.

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