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Couple Dresses Up Their Pet Tortoise For Matching Family Pictures

Coordinating outfits seems like a simple task. Pick an outfit out that compliments the couple, or perhaps it’s to fit with a certain theme. But have you ever tried to match an outfit with your pet? Now that to me seems like the harder task. Because what if your pet doesn’t like to dress up? Then you get the ultimate struggle of trying to get them to dress up. And on top of that if it’s a dog or a cat, well if it’s a cat good luck on getting them to stay still, the dog will I think you’ll have better luck. Don’t get me wrong I’m a cat person, I do dress up one of my cats, and yes she likes it regardless of what my husband says.

I had never thought to dress up any other animal because it just never occurred to me. Well one couple decided to dress up their tortoise. Casey Kuchinski and Daniel Rodriguez who are residents from Sonoma California where inspired by seeing families trend on Instagram with matching outfits. And well they don’t have any children of their own, and they did take a good hard look at their 20-pound sulcata tortoise who is named Ethel and well they put two and two together.

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Couple dress their tortoise in matching pink formalwear
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This is beyond cute! Kelsey has a background in fashion design, her challenge, to find an outfit from her own or child’s clothing to fit onto a tortoise. And as you can see she rose to the occasion beautifully.

Couple dress their tortoise in matching denim dress

They have an Instagram where you can follow Ethel and her family @ethaltheglamourtort.

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