It’s been a long day at work. You had to work a little extra harder because you had three call outs and everyone seemed to want something from you. Or perhaps it was a long day volunteering time at your child’s school. You can only listen to “Watch this” so many times until it turns you hollow. Finally you are home and it’s time for a pick me up. This is your time, to set the mood you turn on your favorite show (or movie) slipping into the kitchen and grabbing your favorite wine. But why stop there. why not make it a wine float. It’s like a root beer float, except with wine!

Yes my friends, the little thing we loved so much as a child now has an adult twist and I am all here for it.

Looks like I know what I wanna do with the girls next time we all get together. Follow the link here to find your perfect pairing, or perhaps create your own! You’re an adult, you deserve this.

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