Got a Boo Boo? Fashion Yourself in a Bacon Band-Aid

So you were cooking breakfast the knife slipped and now you need a band-aid. What do you do? Well you could pull out the old boring band-aids OR snag one of these cool bacon ones. When your mate comes in the kitchen and looks at your foot you can slyly say, “want some bacon?” Or something of that nature. The perfect pun is usually set in the moment and not something that one can just conjure up.

It’s a chilling reminder that we’re all meat. Or at least to me it is. It’s a weird thing to think about and thanks to my kid asking if humans were meat, I just can’t get it out of my head.

Bonus points if you noticed that the can comes with a FREE prize inside. But what could be more of a prize than a bacon strip band-aid? Well apparently one Amazon buyer got a temporary tattoo of Edgar Allan Poe in his, if he’s not just making it up.

Should You Use Them For A Medical Emergency?

NOOO! According to Amazon buyers these are meant to be more of a joke than an actual band-aid. And they are latex and don’t let your skin breathe. Other people say that they had a hard time getting them to stick. But hey if you wanted to get that bacon lover in your life a good gag gift then this could be your chance.

If anything you can re-use the tin that they come in for actual band-aids. Since it comes in a tin like they used to years ago. Plus it would be a great way to confuse someone when they ask where you keep the band-aids.

You can check out the listing by clicking the link here.

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