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A New Season of ‘The Clone Wars’ Hits Disney Plus

The End of The Clone War is Here

Star Wars: The Clone Wars premired the first episode of its final season this morning on Disney Plus.

First announced at 2018’s San Diego Comic-Con, the season plans to bridge the gap between the series and the Revenge of the Sith. With a majority of the season focused around the Seige of Mandalore and the recurring characters of Ahsoka Tano, Capt. Rex and Darth Maul.

The show will run from Feb. 21 to May 8, giving 12 episodes total for the season. With many of the voice actors, writers and directors returning for the end of the series fans have been speculating if the show can have a similar quality for these new episodes.

Here’s Nerdbots take on this seasons first episode.

The Clone Wars : Episode 1 – The Bad Batch

Cpt. Rex and his crew with the “Bad Batch” resting after Codys injury.
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This season needs to accomplish one main job – which is to craft the journey since we already know its ending. The destinations of these characters are already set, so the growth and experiences of them are more for the fans rather than said characters.

So while we expect the show to showcase its most prevalent storyline, the seige of Mandalore, it returns to one of its more sympathetic stories-the clones themselves.

While Captain Rex has suspicions that his old Friend Echo isn’t dead and surrvived the attack on the citadel, he’s tasked to take down and enemy base on Anaxes . To do this, he gets help from a squad of “defective” Clones known as “The Bad Batch”. With each clones genetic defection being a different trait they use to their advantage ( intellegence, strength ect.).

Captain Rex looking at an image of his fallen comrades.

The main point of the infiltration was to figure out how the Sepratist forces are seemingly aware of their strategies and how to stop it. The”Bad Batch” perfrom as an A-team esque squad that reintroduces the audience to the charm and playfulness Clone Wars has to offer.

We follow the squad as they disover the source of the Sepratists Success. The shows takes the tradtional Clone Wars Storytelling route of a developing plotline that grows in scope and tension. While it’s too early to tell if the shows as good as previous seasons, the episode plays out a traditional episode of the series.

So while this first episode is not new viewer friendly, returning fans will be pleased with this return to form.

So what did you think of this episode ? Did if get you excited for more or was it not up to your standards ? Let us know in the comments down below !

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