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The BEST cheap CSGO Skins in 2020

Are you new to gaming? If so, perhaps, you are wondering what CSGO skins entail? Nevertheless, you are not alone. In the world of gaming, you can cover your items with a “skin.” Skins give your gaming implements different aesthetics and appeal.

For example, you can add a skin to your gun when playing a game.  You can have it in camo, maybe a jungle green; the options are limitless. Furthermore, whichever skin you choose, it always compliments the color of CS:GO.

The skins are also used to express the character and spirit of a player. With the right blend of skins, you can manage to paint a terrorist or counter-terrorist character sufficient enough to distinguish you from other gamers. 

How do you get started in using skins?

For starters, you need to know there are thousands of skins to choose from. They range from basic designs to very intricate designs. The prices also vary as well. What you get from the skin market will entirely depend on your budget.

If you have been trading skins for a while, you might have experienced the overwhelming number of platforms where the trade is carried out.  The portfolios where CS:GO skins are traded include:

  1. Steam: Steam, the top digital distribution company for video games, is the most seamless option for acquiring skins. All you need is a steam wallet and the right amount of cash to purchase skins of your choice. 
  2. 3rd party services: If you are looking for a more versatile buying experience for trading skins, then third-party marketplaces like the favorite present you with a comprehensive skin catalog. 

Unravelled in the unfolding paragraphs is a list of some of the best and cheap CSGO skins you can buy in 2020:


Some of the skins you can buy are knives. The cheap ones being Navaja Knife | Safari Mesh and Falchion Knife | Urban Masked

Navaja Knife | Safari Mesh

It is the smallest knife in CS: GO. It takes the shape of the traditional Spanish folding blade. By and large, it is considered ugly and puny by most players.

Nonetheless, some players find it cute and underappreciated.

For those who choose it, it goes well with the Safari Mesh skin. It is a minimalist design that is characterized by a military green base. On top of that, it has a beautiful cardboard cutout detail on the handle.

Being that the design is considered boring, and the knife is considered ugly, this combination of Navaja Knife | Safari Mesh makes it a find. You can get yourself one with as little as $50.

Falchion Knife | Urban Masked

The falchion knife has an attractive shape and deadly edge. However, it does not compare to other designs like Lore and Crimson Web.

Unfortunately, its finishing makes it have a low starting price of $50.

Combined with the Urban Masked skin, which is considering boring among most players, its price dips some more.

Overall, it is a cheap knife and can get a grab of it.

Flip Knife | Rust Coat

Even though it is rusted, the Flip Knife is perfectly operational. It is the cheapest knife in CS: GO flip knife family.

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So, why is it so cheap? Its rust finish makes it go for less.

On the contrary, you can look at it as a blessing in disguise. You can get a flip knife from as cheap as $80-$100. 

AK 47

The AK 47 is one of the most prominent guns in CS:GO. And as such, you want good looking skin, for your rifle, without breaking the bank. Some of the skins that will make you look good and are still affordable are the AK-47 Redline – Field Tested and AK-47 Frontside Misty – Well Worn.

AK-47 Redline – Field Tested

This is one of the classic looks for the AK 47. It has a simple black and red color scheme that makes your gun a looker. This color mix makes it AK very subtle. It is just one of those that will always be loved. And It comes only under $12

AK-47 Frontside Misty – Well Worn

For a flashy variant, this should be your pick. It comes with a price tag of $14.50.

It lights blue and white with swirls that make it a stunner. If you get one with a nice flow, you will enjoy your game massively. It is worth a pick.

AWP Atheris – Field Tested

This gun has a striking green and blue bush viper painted over its black body. It is one of the best skins on CS: GO that has an animal or creature skin. It can be compared to The Hyper Beast and The Howl. 

For only $14, you will want to have your hands on this skin.

AWP Fever Pitch-The Spectrum Collection

This gun is a type that is called high risk and high reward. To boot, the AWP is infamous for its one shot, one kill policy. 

So, what makes its skin special? It has a graffiti drawing which is painted with blue, pink, and purple. It blends seamlessly with its black base.

Other items you can buy skins for are:


This is another category of items you can get skins for. The most affordable of pistol skins is the desert eagle/red code. It is an iconic pistol that is not only powerful but also affordable. Notable, despite the eagle/red code being difficult to master, it is very accurate over long ranges.

So, why go with this skin? It has a bright red base and white detailing, which makes it a head-turner. 

Not to mention, you can get one with minimal wear for $17.


An exciting learning curve faces you when you start playing CSGO and including skins to enrich your gaming experience . With the right blend of skins, it will be an experience like no other. And the good news is you will know the ins and outs quickly.

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