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Top 10 Escape Rooms In The US For A Fun Weekend!

Does darkness push you back to the days of “Dark Rooms”? A game played at every party and every get-together that surprisingly also revealed the hidden talent of your night vision. You knew where everyone was you could out them within minutes. Remember those times? The days behind shut dark rooms filled with innocence and pranks taught the best of our lives. Who knew those games would be a lesson to walk and trust your instincts while taking decisions in life. Who knew those pranks with your friends would become the best memories of your childhood. Those surely were the good old days!

We have a little something for you and your friends that’ll surely bring back your golden dark room memories of childhood. We present you with the “ESCAPE ROOM“. Here is the list of all the fantastic escape rooms in the US.

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Did you know? Escape rooms have been around in the market for more than a decade. The idea for an escape room was introduced online in a game called “Crimson Room”. The game involved solving the puzzle by finding the hidden clues in a room, solving puzzles, and reaching the end of the game. You see, all the greatest minds have an unusual way of expression. The most important thing was the timing. The game was set in a limited amount of time which also required solving the puzzle within that time. This game was a massive success among the players, and hence somebody in Japan thought of bringing it to life. That somebody was a company named SCRAP which brought the 2004 crimson room concept to life in 2007. Takao Kato, the founder of SCRAP, brought escape rooms into the market for encouraging people to push beyond their boundaries and get immersed in the game.

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Did you know? There are approximately 2,300 escape rooms in the US, which is a lot!

Do you see the number of fun rooms that are around you in the USA? 

These escape rooms in the USA are based on real-life and fantasy situations that require intensive thinking and quick action to get out of the room. Invite your friends and family for extra fun. There will be clues all around; it’s just on you whether you can solve the puzzle and move on with the game or are you stuck at the door? It all depends on you. This makes for an excellent opportunity to enjoy as well as learn. People have sometimes also experienced their “Hero Moment” when they were the saviors of the hour when everyone else was just confused about how to proceed. A brain wave will surely help in proceeding further. If you are visiting or staying in the USA, we have curate a list for you. Here are the top 10 escape rooms in the USA:

  1. The Escape Room Fishers: Ranked first in the list of top ten escape rooms in the USA, this one is chosen as the favorite by more than 2000 people in the US. The operating hours are from 8:00 am – 1:00 am. So you can easily plan a fun evening even after a hard day at work or college. Select from the best escape room in the USA.
  2. The Escape Game Nashville (Downtown): Ranked as the no.1 fun activity in Nashville, The Escape Game Nashville is all set to take your bones by shock and set you out on a spree. With intensive 2 hours of fun, grab along your friends or family to this destination near you!
  3. The Escape Game Houston: Again ranked as the no.1 thrill game in Houston, The Escape Game Houston invites you to a 60 minutes fun adventure. You can choose from a wide range of themes from a catalog. Decide whether you would like a jail room or rather get stuck on a ship! Hunt for the gold or dive into the sea for pearl, choose your rush and don’t forget to bring your family or friends!
  4. The Escape Game Orlando: If you are looking for some fun escape rooms in the USA, you have hit the right button. Orlando or people nearby pack some fun and ask your friends to this fun adventure of 1-2 hrs that’ll take you back to the craziness of your childhood. For more information, check out The Escape Game Orlando website, one of the best escape room in the US. 
  5. Smoky Mountain Escape Games: Open from 11:00 am to 11:30 pm, The Smoky Mountain Escape Game is the number 1 fun destination for experiencing the thrill of an escape room. Remember to bring your watch or keep an eye on the clock because the hour is going to be intense and will demand your highest dedication, but will leave you filled with a tremendous amount of fun!
  6. Escape Artist Greenville: Rated as their favorite by more than 35 people, Escape Artist Greenville specializes in introducing you to a mad scientist. Beware! For he shall mix poison in your drink or smother with you a funny-smelling gas. This is the one-stop destination to meet a mystery fanatic or a diehard fan of somebody named mad scientist! This surely will make you believe why these so many great escape rooms in the USA are. 
  7. The Escape Game Dallas: Whether it’s the weekend or just a dull Monday, push yourself to The Escape Game Dallas for the best 120 minutes of your week!
  8. The Escape Game Chicago: People in Chicago, get ready to experience the best escape room in the US with us! 
  9. Fox in a Box Chicago: This is the perfect destination to show your colleagues who call you too serious or boring, surprise them with a fun and funnier side of your personality! You’ll get to choose from various themed missions with a team of 2-6 people in 60 minutes. 
  10. The Escape Game Cincinnati: Have the perfect weekend adrenaline thrill with The Escape Game Cincinnati. Concentrate hard to get out of this  Escape Room in the USA.  

 So, what did you decide? Are you ready to quit the lazy mood and set yourself out on your frenzy, thrilled, and fun ridden adventure in an Escape Room in the USA

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