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Secret Revealed: How VR Apps Can Change Everyday Life

Before we start looking at how virtual reality can change your life, it is important to answer this simple question: What is virtual reality? Virtual reality can be defined as a computer-generated environment that is designed to stimulate one’s physical presence in a specified environment for it to feel real.

Although other forms of technology are being adopted and deployed in stages, research findings show that virtual reality is popular around the world. Here are some statistics.

  • More than 40 million people in the US use virtual reality devices and apps regularly
  • The virtual reality market is expected to grow from the current $7.9 billion to $44.7 billion in the next four years
  • More than 40% of organizations in the manufacturing sector report that virtual reality will become a mainstream three years to come
  • 62% of parents agree that virtual reality plays a critical role in educating their children

According to these statistics, virtual reality has many fans already. But what makes it so enticing and captivating to different generations who use it? According to Jake, a virtual reality expert at Zipjob, the secret of its success lies in its practical benefits:

  • It creates real experiences with little to no risk
  • It reduces operational costs by lowering the budget and preventing wastage of time
  • It greatly improves engagement and learning levels
  • It makes leisure activities funny and entertaining
  • It enables people to make quick decisions accurately

Uses of virtual reality in real-life situations

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to discuss the uses of virtual reality in real life. Let’s get started!

1. Traveling and exploration

One of the most valuable applications of virtual reality is traveling and exploration in 3D. For instance, you can explore several target destinations before actually visiting them. This will save you a lot of time, energy and money. And enable you to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.

With the evolution of modern science, it’s amazing how virtual reality apps can make it possible for scientists to explore space, the moon and other planets from their stations here on earth. By doing this, they can easily choose where they want to go and what they want to explore.

2. Movies

Who doesn’t enjoy watching movies? If you can’t survive without TV, virtual reality will take your experience to another level. Virtual reality makes your experience first-hand. This means that viewers will have the ability to see and feel the artificial surroundings. Apart from that, you will most likely get the opportunity to see something new every time you use your device because you can look at everything around you while watching.

3. Surgeries

Is there anything more demanding and risky than teaching young medical practitioners how to perform surgeries? Using virtual reality gadgets, medical students can undergo realistic and extensive training sessions before performing a real surgery.

For instance, Cleveland Clinic uses VR gadgets to train young cardiac surgery doctors on how to maintain optimum performance under great pressure or common operating room crises. This offers a great opportunity not only to learn but also have different viewpoints of the surgery.

This way, doctors can understand the thoughts and emotions of their team members and come up with ways to improve their operations accordingly.

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4. Virtual communication

Nothing can replace face to face communication, however, virtual reality makes long-distance communication more convenient. Instead of wasting time and other valuable resources traveling to distant places to meet someone, get a job or attend a meeting, you can use virtual reality gadgets to get the job done easily and quickly.

Take NSBroker as an example. This amazing agency only hires experienced and talented professionals. But it cannot afford to host job interviews all over the world. That’s why it uses virtual reality gadgets to communicate with potential candidates. And this applies to different types of businesses across the world.

5. Testing products

Another valuable thing you can do with virtual reality apps is product testing. A business can take advantage of the growing number of online shoppers by introducing virtual reality product trials. 

A good example is IKEA, a leading furniture retailer. The business managers have used Augmented Reality for its mobile app. And this enables customers to test products easily and determine whether it fits their home interiors or not.

6. Learn history

History was one of the most boring courses that I took in college. Most students can’t help but play mobile games, sleep during history lectures or even miss them. Unless you are a politician or philosopher, no ancient event or story will capture your heart and mind.

Virtual reality lessons take an entirely different approach by allowing students to actually witness major battles or relive the lives of politicians and historians. This creates an unforgettable experience for students.

7. Gaming world

Gaming experiences can be greatly intensified through the use of virtual reality because of the three-dimensional environment. It’s one of the best ways for players to be a part of the game. It is an exciting way to play and pay more attention to the animations and graphics of the game. Virtual reality has and will continue transforming the gaming world.  


Most people associate virtual reality with online gaming. They don’t understand how this remarkable piece of technology leaves a huge mark beyond the gaming walls. Virtual reality is much more powerful than we imagine. 

Therefore, it’s up to us to make the best out of its possibilities. We’ve discussed some of the ways virtual reality apps have transformed our daily lives. How has it transformed yours? Let us know!

Article Written By Donna James

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