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This XBox One Table Will Level Up Your Gaming Room!

So you finally got your gaming setup complete, but there’s only one problem. You lack the coffee table that will bring it all together. What are you going to do? Well check out this amazing table by Woodcurve on Etsy and see if this won’t fix your problem.

The craftsmanship alone in this table is gorgeous. Its got metal legs, a wooden top and a piece of temper proof glass can be added on top so you wont be able to ruin it. You can also choose the length of the legs so that it will go perfectly with your couch at home.

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This is the same store that made that amazing Playstation controller a while back which had storage inside of it. They get five star reviews on Etsy all the time and their work is absolutely stunning.

The Xbox controller table goes for $1,999 but if you think of it as an investment it’s not too bad. Especially for all the work that they put into it.

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