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Check Out These Free Printable Disney Valentines!

So you want to do something special for the people you love but you just don’t know how to do it? Or maybe you don’t want to spend the money on a $12 card from Hallmark. Understandable! Especially because if you are like me you say your going to keep it forever and ever but it always ends up in the trash. Sorry, I know it’s horrible but when you move a lot some things get sacrificed to the memory gods. Anyway has a bunch of cool Disney Valentines you can print out for free! And they even have some awesome Galentines on their sister site for those of you who spend that special day with your girlfriends instead.

They have a lot of cute classic Disney ones like these,

And Birds of Prey Galentines like these,

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You can check the Disney ones out by clicking the link here! And the Galentines ones by clicking the link here. While your there why not look for some actual Valentine’s gifts fit for a nerd.

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