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Artist Creates Bonsai Plants That Intertwine With Animal Skulls

One thing that I will admit is weird for me is that I love animal skeletons. I even have my own turtle shell that hangs out in my home, don’t worry it died of natural causes (old age). And I also consider myself a bit of a green thumb as well. But never had I ever thought of combining the two. Well artist Tokyo Bonsai Lifestyle did just that. They took something that most people find odd or off putting and created something beautiful. Take a look!

■ “Cycle of life” (skull: female deer / bonsai: yellow plum)
A tree of yellow plum as if it grew from the head skeleton of a female deer. In contrast to the head skeleton, which symbolizes “death,” the strong roots of Huangmei represent “life,” and represent the baton of life from the dead to the living. In spring, yellow flowers of yellow plums are in full bloom.  
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■ “Wailing-shrieking” (Skull: Boar / Bonsai: Forsythia)
A forsythia tree that has grown through the boar’s head skeleton. The powerful roots make the boar’s skull look like weeping . A work that expresses the importance of surviving the fear of death, being futuristic and powerful.
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■ “King of deer” (skull: deer / plant: aloe, kangaroo pocket)
A work inspired by William Golden’s novel The King of Fly. “The king of fly” is a story in which boys drifting on an uninhabited island imitate the devil that appears in the Bible and worship the pig’s head where the flock swarms as “the king of fly”. A deer skull resembling aloe as a corner and revered as the king of the forest . Despite being a symbol of God, it expresses a bizarre absurdity that will eventually undermine human heart.
■ “Erosion-erosion-” ( Skull: Male Deer / Bonsai: Akebi)
Akebi tree that erodes into the body of male deer without knowing it. Eventually, the akebi tree begins to erode not only the body, but also the heart, and begins manipulating the male deer as desired. The male deer do not even notice that they are dead and continue wandering through the dark forest.

These are beyond breathtaking and just too beautiful for words. You can follow the artist on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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