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Top 10 Motivational Movies for Students

Motivation is one of the most important components of success. Students, at their age, need as much motivation as possible to set goals and achieve them. However, often students lack the motivation to write essays and other papers, fortunately, assignment writing service WriteMyEssayOnline can help with this. In the case of a complete lack of desire to do something, you can watch motivational films for energy recharging from the list that we have compiled for you.

1. Pirates of Silicon Valley, 1999

You must always set ambitious goals! And before you get something cool, most likely you will make and fix a bunch of mistakes. These are not meaningless disappointments, but the most valuable personal experience. If you haven’t watched the Pirates of Silicon Valley biography yet, be sure to get inspired by the story of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. 

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2. The Theory of Everything, 2014

Even a serious illness is not an excuse for laziness. Moreover, mental work is great medicine. This biographical film tells the story of the outstanding British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who retained a passion for his favorite pastime, despite the paralysis caused by amyotrophic sclerosis. He even retained a cheerful mood that allowed him to be ironic in his position. Fascinated by the secrets of physics and related to life with humor, the scientist lived to very old age – although usually, the disease kills in a few years. The main thing is to see the meaning in life and never give up!

3. Intern, 2015

Do you think it’s too late to learn new things? This film makes sure that retirement is a great time to stir up your neural connections. Scientists confirm that even Alzheimer’s disease spares those who actively work their heads in adulthood. And “veterans of intellectual labor” live much longer and richer. So do not think about age – challenge yourself, tackle complex tasks! The job of a concierge or night watchman is definitely not your prospect!

4. A Beautiful Mind, 2001

Mathematical genius John Forbes Nash Jr. did a titanic work in the field of game theory, which turned this section of mathematics upside down and brought him international fame. But at the same time, Nash, the arrogant and successful man, receives a blow of fate, which turns his own life upside down.

5. The Intouchables, 2011

Having suffered because of a mishap, the well off noble Philip enlists the individual who is least suitable for this work- a youthful occupant of the edges of Driss, who as of late left jail. Regardless of the fact that Philip is bound to a wheelchair, Driss manages to bring to the aristocrat’s life a spirit of satisfaction and adventure.

6. The Social Network, 2010

The social network project of two Harvard University classmates changed their life forever: becoming an international sensation, in a short time it transforms friends from ordinary boys to the youngest millionaires in the United States. They come to success, popularity, and recognition. But between the guys, there are more and more conflicts, and only memories remain of former friendship. Nevertheless, the film motivates for new achievements.

7. The King’s Speech, 2010

For Prince Albert, Duke of York, public speaking is a real challange: because of stuttering, every word in front of a microphone is given to him with great difficulty. The prince does not think about the royal crown, but the circumstances are such that after the abdication of the throne of his elder brother, Albert is the only contender for the throne. And, like any king, Albert needs to learn to speak in public.

8. Two Days, One Night, 2014

While on sick leave, Sandra discovers that her work colleagues mostly voted for her dismissal, so as not to lose annual bonuses. It turns out that the team leader put pressure on employees to make such a decision. However, there is an opportunity to re-vote and Sandra has only two days to convince her colleagues to change her mind. After all, she is the mother of two children, she has a mortgage and she cannot lose her job and live on unemployment benefits, so she decides to fight.

9. Moneyball, 2011

The Auckland baseball team is going through difficult times: its strongest players have moved to different clubs. Be that as it may, head supervisor Billy Bean chooses to make a competitive baseball team, in spite of the current money related challenges. The trump card is mathematical calculations, thanks to which the young coach manages to develop an innovative system for calculating the players’ utility based on their personal indicators.

10. We Are Marshall, 2006

Members of a Marshall University American football team from Huntington die in a plane crash. Residents of the city are shocked by what happened, in addition, the team is immediately deprived of all the main coaches and almost all the players, so its fate is now hanging in the balance. Now everything is in the hands of the young coach Jack Lengyel – it depends on him whether the Marshall team will be able to become champions again.

Sum up

In regular day to day existence, we frequently experience an assortment of troubles. At times, there is an urgent need to be distracted, energized with vitality and get a huge portion of inspiration. Everyone can lose heart, but we hope that this selection of films will fill you with motivation for new achievements in studying and in life.

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