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Kawaii New Chibi Sailor Moon Playing Cards Are Here

Hot Topic is now selling a really cute deck of Sailor Moon playing cards done in chibi style. This isn’t the kind of chibi we’ve seen before either. This is a much cuter off shoot of what used to come out. An oddly anthropomorphic squished version of the characters. For reference take a look at this.

Not my personal favorite chibi version

Not take a look at the art style of this new deck of cards, you’ll see that they are much more cleaned up and have a slightly different look to them. Their heads are a bit oversized but that’s to be expected with all of the Funko pops and figures that have been coming out lately. It’s kind of the “in” thing.

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It’s no secret that while growing up I had an obsession with Sailor Moon. Heck I still collect whatever catches my eye. But what a lot of people don’t know that my card collecting days started with one deck in particular. In the fifth grade a friend of mine had a Sailor Moon playing card deck that I coveted. I would beg to play with these cards and we did every recess. Now you can get this new set for yourself or for your kids and teach them to play cards, as simple a game as War or as complicated as Gin Rummy.

If you want to get the set they are only $6.90 and can find them by following the link here.

Nerdbot does not make anything off the sale of this item, we just thought you’d like to know.

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