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‘Ni no Kuni’ English Dub To Be Released On Netflix

I always get excited when new items are going to be added to Netflix. Yes I am one of those people that are still dedicated to Netflix, they have great shows and documentaries. But one that I enjoyed watching on Netflix is Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories, watch it if you haven’t. However, if those reasons are not enough to keep me there then the fact that Ni no Kuni movie coming to Netflix does!

You probably remember Ni no Kuni from the games. Such as The White Witch, and Trevenant Kingdon. Both are great by the way, and you should definitely play them. But get this, the English dub of Ni no Kuni is set to release on January 16th! That is less than two weeks away people!

“Two average teens go on a magical quest to save the life of their friend and her counterpart from another world. But love complicates their journey.”

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Studio Ghibli has helped the artwork of these games, but know this, it is NOT listed as an official movie on their website.  Even though it’s not an official movie of the studio, the artwork of the movie do doubt is inspired by Ghibli. I for one am excited about this new movie that is coming out. And I can’t wait to see it!

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