Man Builds Blockbuster Video In His Own Basement

The 1990s, how I miss you so much. It was a simple time, a time where Friday’s came along and parents would whisk kids away into the car to Blockbuster to pick up a movie that we sorely needed to see. Just so they could enjoy a few minutes of peace where they weren’t entertaining the gremlins.

I remember their promotion they would always have the movie in stock, you know to compete with Hollywood Video of course. I still remember that sticky carpet, the boxes that were a bit worn down, and that small little candy section with the big bucket of popcorn that you needed to pop.The whole experience itself was amazing.

One man by the name of Nick Collins decided he didn’t want Blockbuster to just live in his memory, he actually wanted to relive it. He actually started to expand his basement four years ago in order to make it into a Blockbuster video. Well kind of, check it out for yourself!

“People are absolutely nostalgic for things like VHS tapes and retro video games,” he said. “Nostalgia is in right now for sure. I watch a lot of movies, but not nearly as much as one would think.

‘My time is usually devoted to different Nostalgia Video projects, as well as balancing my personal life. ‘The store in my basement isn’t a location that’s open to the public. It’s really just an over the top display for my personal collection, but thanks to social media I’m able to share it with the world!’

Talk about a trip down memory lane! While the location isn’t open to the public when you check out his website you are able to browse his collection and see if he has that elusive copy of The Hobbit on VHS for sale. It’s begun to build a community of collectors and it’s a place where people of all walks of life, who remember how it was in the good old days to come together and remember.