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Zelda Williams Uses The New Instagram Filter And Gets Her Father’s Character

I miss Robin Williams, it still hurts to know that we lost him a while back. It still feels like yesterday that I got the news that he was no longer with us. My husband was a big fan of his and always told me how much he appreciated Robin and everything he did. To me my favorite movie from him will always be one hour photo, if you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest it. it’s no surprise that Robin Williams was a big fan of video games as such he named his daughter Zelda, which is from The Legend of Zelda games of course.

Zelda recently use the Disney Instagram filter that tells you which Disney character you are and was surprised(and happy) to know that the one she matched up with was Genie!

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I could watch this all day everyday and still cry. Others responded to her on social media and well. . . .

I am not the only one who is overcome with emotion. Excuse me I need to go cry again.

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