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Glow in the Dark Stars To End All Glow in the Dark Stars

Growing up one of the things I vividly remember is peeling that sticky stuff and sticking glow in the dark stars on my bedroom ceiling. The problem is that there were never enough stars to cover the ceiling in those packs. Now though they have amazing projectors that will fill your room with amazing skies. And boy do I wish I had this when I was a kid.

“The SKYlite instantly projects a field of drifting stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud” But don’t worry, if you get dizzy easily they also have a mode where it doesn’t move around.

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This cool contraption from BlissLights Sky Lite will have you dreaming about traveling through space. And it’s on Amazon and easily accessible. It’s great for anyone who loves to stare at the moon and imagine that there’s something more out there, waiting for them.

Right now it’s also on sale for $49.99 down from $60. So you save $10. Nerdbot does not make anything if you buy it through that link but if you do get it please tell us in the comments how it works!

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