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Bar Soap with Witty Names Offers Unconventional Scents

Have you ever wondered what a midlife crisis, writer’s block, or hipsters would smell like as a scent? Scratch that last one actually, because we have smelled it and it’s definitely not good. In fact, I’m curious about what all of these may smell like but chances are high that it will be bad. Either way, you can now discover for yourself what these scents are like with the help of Whiskey River Soap Co.

Whiskey River Soap Co. offers a unique line of bar soaps with scents just as unconventional as their titles. Each bar offers a witty tag line underneath their title to make you laugh while you unwrap your soap. Scents include grammar police, creepy uncles, fake news, a man’s man, crazy exes and many more. Whiskey River Soap Co. believe that quality products and humor should go hand-in-hand. In fact, the company says that “there’s a place for both to exist together” and it is in their products. The company also sells bath bombs and journals on their online store, bringing laughs to anyone who may need them.

Check out their line of unconventional, but hilarious, bar soaps.

The combination of creepy uncles and weird teachers probably describes a disturbing amount of people’s childhoods. It’s best not to stew on that for long.

The problem is that cool kids are far too cool to actually use cool kids soap. They need to use #goals or #blessedpeople to stay relevant.

So whatever your preference in scent may be, Whiskey River Soap Co. has something abnormal for you. Go ahead and give them a shot. Soon, you will smell on the outside like the introvert you are inside.

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