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ToTok App May Be Secret Spy Tool

Do you use messenger apps with your friends and frienemies? It’s always a good idea to know who is behind that app. Reports out say that popular app ToTok is a secret spy tool.

More popular in Europe and Asian than in the US, ToTok makes the top 50 apps in a few countries. It’s also, according to a report by the New York Times, a spy tool of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The firm behind ToTok – Breej Holding – is reportedly a front for Dark Matter, an Abu Dhabi-based company involved in hacking, cyberintelligence, and various other less than nice activities. Dark Matter is under investigation by the US government.

Image: ToTok, alleged spy tool and stock photo user.
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It wouldn’t be the first app to be accused of potentially nefarious deeds. FaceApp may have been a Russian spy tool. There are also quite a few fake apps pretending to be other companies that pop up from time to time.

Google and Apple have removed ToTok. ToTok is also facing a lawsuit and bans already. If you have this app, it’s a good idea to remove it from your device.

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