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Little Girl Flips Off The Crowd In A Christmas Play Showing Off Her Hurt Finger

As a person who doesn’t have kids but is the proud Auntie of nieces and nephews, I have had my fair share of moments where I went “DEAR GOD PLEASE STOP!” And poor Carla Bovington had a moment exactly like that. Going to her daughters Christmas play she was expecting her daughter to shine as the Angel. Instead, her daughter spent the entire time flipping the bird to everyone. 

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Carla and her daughter have a special bond where her daughter will show her mother what she has injured or if something is causing her pain. And well bad timing happened as the innocent 5 year old was just trying to show her mother a hangnail that was causing her some pain. All Carla could think was “Oh god please stop.” She heard onlookers who was watching the performance say “Oh bless her” whew. 

Of course the internet had a field day with this and her story went viral. But don’t worry the newfound fame hasn’t gone to the 5 year old’s head as she doesn’t have a social media account.  But she thanks everyone for their funny comments, she still doesn’t know why everyone thinks it’s so funny! Childhood innocence is wholesome.

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