Doctor Aphra Rumored to Be New Project for Disney +

Since the massive success of Star Wars: The Mandalorian there has been a lot of talk at Disney concerning what’s next. Along with the Obi-Wan series that is to begin filming in July and the Cassian Andor series that is filming in June it seems we have yet another series to be watching out for. A new rumor suggests that a new series is joining the line up and that it will be airing sometime in 2020. According to Discussing Film‘s sources the show will be based on Doctor Aphra which may already be filming.

Doctor Aphra is the main suspect because of how they are billing this new show. It is a Lucasfilm-Marvel collaboration and she fits the bill perfectly. Making Star Wars editor and known SW leaker spoke with Inverse revealing that a new show is coming. “A new Star Wars show is starting about now that nobody even knows about,” he told Inverse, “I’m hearing it’s a Lucasfilm-Marvel venture with both companies teaming up to bring a Star Wars show to the small screen.”

If you don’t know who Doctor Aphra is then you are in for a treat. She was originally in the 2015 Darth Vader mini series. She’a a criminal archaeologist that was working for Vader. She then eventually severed her ties with him and went on the run. In her story she has crossed paths with Han Solo and Luke Skywalker which could mean a cameo from Alden Ehrenreich and possibly a young Luke who we would be seeing cast for the first time. She’s usually found with “murderbots” Triple-Zero and Beetee-One — dark versions of R2-D2 and C-3PO. Her story is mostly confined to the classic trilogy but she could possibly have a crossover with The Mandalorian who is set in the post Return of the Jedi Era.

She is also canonically lesbian, so when the Disney was teasing us that characters could be gay in the future this could be what they meant. That’s if they decide to go that way but it could be completely written out to keep it more “family friendly”.

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