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Woodstock Fans Shocked to Find Out He’s A Cannibal

When you think about the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special cannibalism doesn’t come to mind. Until that is we get to the scene where Snoopy and his old pal Woodstock are sharing dinner together. Then we can see Woodstock partaking in devouring one of his bird cousins and breaking the bones to make a wish. It’s a morbid and cruel reality that we live in and now that we’ve seen it we can’t look away.

Complete with a large turkey and all the trimmings they dig into what should be an innocent dinner. But when you are an adult you begin to realize things you would have never thought about as a child. Unless you were like one of those really cool death obsessed kids…

Twitter is abound with comments about the scene and people are pretty upset. Check out some of the tweets below. Oh Woodstock.. or should I say Hannibal Lecter.

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So there you have it. Woodstock is a Cannibal…

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