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Why Is GeoGuessr So Popular?

Everybody claims to be a traveler these days, so it should come as no surprise that a website based on tested your knowledge on this particular sector is flourishing in the modern era. Millions of people race to the website on a daily basis to find out whether they have learned enough from their travels to get maximum points of the quiz-based website.

What is GeoGuessr

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The web-based geographical discovery game was released in May 2013 and was designed by Swedish IT consultant Anton Wallen. The game uses a virtually-randomized Google Map view for paying members, while those that don’t pay will be stuck with the Manillary map.

The game asks players to guess their location in the world by using only a few of the clues that are visible. It has been a roaring success since it was first introduced with million of unique visitors per day from around the world on just the opening seven days.

Positive Reaction

The reaction that it has received has been overwhelming, with many even claiming that it could be an essential tool in education. Teachers and big corporate organisations have applauded their idea and have claimed that it could be an insight into the future of education. 

Keep Going!
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The fact that it is so simple is an obvious drawing point for the game, as any skill level can instantly understand the basics of what they will need to do in order to get the points. The game is also highly addictive, which given that it is an educational game ensures that it isn’t as problematic as some of the other games that parents could see their children playing.

It also appeals to people that aren’t keen travellers as they can learn more about different parts of the world. For instance, instead of being like this famous YouTuber who annoyed a lot of Welsh farmers by walking across their fields to get to the opposite side of Wales, you can learn about the culture in the country in the United Kingdom by playing on one of the unique games that GeoGuessr offers.


As we have mentioned previously, there is a free edition of the game for players to enjoy. Not just this, but this option also enables players to play with their friends and have the ability to unlock additional game modes. However, the full edition of the game doesn’t break the bank, as you will just need to pay $3 a month to receive the additional perks of customisation of games.

You can begin playing the game with the best beginners test, which is titled ‘Famous Places’. The game will then show pictures of famous landmarks from around the world, and the player would simply have to guess what it is called correctly. It is easier if you have been to the landmarks, but even if you haven’t, you would still be able to know what they are called as they are universally known. Should you be looking for extra guidance, then you can find players on Twitch that are now live streaming the game.

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