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Creep Out Your Kids With These Zombie Popsicle Molds!

Now when I say creep out your kids I should probably specify young children. With the older kids being obsessed with Plants Vs. Zombies they would probably love these. And if you want them for the adults at your next party then even better! These zombie ice pops will melt to reveal bones that you can eat the remaining Popsicle off of.

How they Work

They come in a silicone shaped casing so that when you take them out of the mold they wont break. Simple freeze and release is the key here! And for fun colors you can use any kind of juice you have on hand. Cranberry, Orange, or any other red color would look particularly cool and taste good too!

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Where to buy

You can pick these up on Amazon. But you may want to get them now if you need them before Halloween because from the looks of it they don’t offer prime shipping for them.

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